Huilong Dope Dyed Polyester Yarn

Dope Dyed Polyester Filament Yarn Dope Dyed Polyester Filament Yarn

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Zhejiang Huilong New Materials Co., Ltd. is a set of chemical fiber production, textile trade, real estate development and deep processing of agricultural products to many companies in the industry, dope dyed polyester yarn,polyester dty yarn,polyester fdy yarn


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Q:we are getting so confused with your polyester color yarn's minimum quantity, it burden us... Can you get lower the minimum quantity to 1500kg?
A:If your color is same with our other customers, we also can do without dissipation fee, but the delivery time is not sure, maybe so long for it.
Q:Are you dope dyed polyester yarn manufacturing or only trading ?
A:Yes, we are manufacturer of dope dyed polyester yarn.
Q:What is dope dyed polyester yarn
A:dope dyed polyester yarn is use natural or synthetic polymer as raw material, through the process of chemical or physical methods. Because of different source of polymer compounds, It can be divided into artificial fiber which
Q:What Features does Polyester Yarn Have?
A:The characteristics of polyester yarn are withdraw the chemicals and washing frequently which can reduce clothes fade phenomenon. Therefore, hotel uniforms, blue cowboy clothing, sportswear, or children's clothing
Q:china polyester yarn price
A:china polyester yarn price,dope dyed polyester yarn is different color different price. contact us  whatsapp: 0086-13754228113