Dope dyed polyester yarn--Cut wool fabric
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Dope dyed polyester yarn--Cut wool fabric

Categories: Industry newsRelease time: 2017-04-13 12:28:44
Source: Huilong ChemicalEditor: Fushetu Author: Fushetu

 Many textile manufacturers selected raw materials, only need one that is economical and practical, also convenient and practical dope dyed polyester yarn, that is the colored polyester yarns from Huilong new material production. It uses color spinning process, late without dyeing and finishing process, greatly save the processing time and the cost of the purchaser, and it determines the making craft of green environmental protection performance, there are especially popular among customers and sought after. Production cut flannelette with it or other textile products are very good, both color fastness and other aspects, Huilong new material of dope dyed polyester yarn are not two raw materials you choose.
Huilong new materials as a professional manufacturer of dope dyed polyester yarn, in the industry and has a very good reputation in the industry the company has 20 years of rich production experience, customers all over at home and abroad, more than thousands of customers consistent Huilong new material of dope dyed polyester yarn procurement, the customer's trust and choice, and new material product quality Huilong 20 years, Huilong ultra high after-sales service time not open, Huilong people know that water boat, can only good products, good service can make the company and the product in an impregnable position.

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