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The yarn polyester sells well

Categories: Industry newsRelease time: 2017-09-22 15:51:39
Source: Huilong ChemicalEditor: Fushetu Author: Fushetu

 A lot vans outside of the factory’s door, are waiting to load the yarn, why the sale scene is so hot. Due to the G20 meeting, many factories will be closed during 28/8-6/9, so the yarn polyester price rise everyday is past two week. And the customers want to stock some raw materials to run the machines. Huilong have more than 800 colors in daily stock for FDY and DTY, these color are sales well. If more than 5 customers use this yarn, and total quantity more than 3 tons per month, Huilong will produces some in stock.

The most in stock colors are 300D FDY and 300D SIM DTY yarn polyester, which are especially for the curtain fabric, sofa fabric, mattress faric, and some of customer use it for the ribbon. Normally, one design don’t use one color too many. Their purchase depends on their order, if the order need the color, they will buy some, maybe several cartons each color, if the color in stock, it will be very convenient. So Huilong put stock for more than 1000 colors in daily stock.

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